Questions To Ask Before Buying Your First RV

Buying your first RV can be exciting. Whether you are purchasing it for summer vacations, weekend getaways, or for full- or part-time living, you need to be prepared with a solid list of wants and needs. Ask yourself the following questions before you begin shopping to increase your chances of choosing the perfect RV.

How do you plan to use the RV?

This is by far the most important. Decide up front how you mainly want to use the RV. Is it simply for weekend fishing trips to nearby destinations, or will you be using it to tour the country? Will it be a home base for city tours or a substitute for a vacation cabin in the woods? Knowing your primary use will help you answer the next question.

What type of RV will fit your needs?

RVs fall into three main categories – motorhome, trailer, or popup. Motorhomes are further divided into three classes – A, B, and C, with A being the fanciest and C the most basic. Opt for a motorhome if you are planning for long trips or a lot of time on the road. Class A motorhomes are a favorite for those that RV permanently or semi-permanently. A travel trailer is ideal for destination vacations, such as a week in the woods or camping near town since you can disconnect your car and use it to plan day trips from your home base. For simple weekend trips where you plan to be outdoors most of the time, a pop-up or small tear-drop trailer may be all you need.

Do you need transportation on site?

If you opt for a motorhome, you will need to consider your transportation options. For most people, this means hauling a car or motorcycles on a trailer behind the motorhome. This will add to the cost of your purchase, since you will need to get a car dolly that works with your model of car. If you aren't sure if this is in the budget, it may be better to opt for a trailer instead – but only if you have a vehicle that can haul the trailer. A class C camper van is also an option since these are easier to drive around sight seeing than a full size class A model. You can always upgrade to a motorhome or a larger motorhome later.

Visit an RV dealer or go to an RV show in your area to see all the options available.

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