Five Reasons Why Buying From A Franchise Dealership Is A Good Idea

When you buy a car from a dealer you face an important decision between the two major types of dealer: a franchise dealership and an independent dealership. 

While a franchise dealer will sell only vehicles produced by one or in some cases a few manufacturers, an independent dealer is not affiliated with any manufacturer. 

The following are five big reasons why your best move when shopping for a vehicle is to buy from a franchise dealership:

Select from all the models available from your favorite manufacturer

If you have a favorite vehicle make and you know you don't want to buy a vehicle from any other manufacturer, you should definitely buy from a franchise dealer. This way, you'll not only be able to choose from any model offered by your favorite manufacturer, but you'll also be able to purchase that vehicle in any color or with any options package you prefer. 

Speak with salesmen who are experts in the vehicles they're selling

A salesman working at an independent dealership is not going to have detailed knowledge of any on vehicle make. On the other hand, a salesman working at a franchise dealership is likely to know the answer to specific questions regarding the different models offered by a particular manufacturer.

At franchise dealerships, you can expect specialized knowledge of your favorite vehicles on the market. 

Enjoy exceptional service

One of the biggest benefits of buying from a franchise dealer is the service advantages that are offered along with the purchase of a vehicle.

You'll be able to take your vehicle back for service when you buy from a franchise dealer. Also, the mechanics working on your vehicle will have expertise in servicing vehicles from the specific manufacturer of your vehicle, so your vehicle will get the best possible maintenance service. 

Have the opportunity to buy new

If you're looking for a new car dealer, you basically have no choice but to buy from a franchise dealer. Franchise dealers offer new vehicles straight from the manufacturer.

On the other hand, independent dealers typically can only get the vehicles they sell from vehicle owners looking to get rid of their cars. Therefore, independent dealers typically only sell used vehicles. 

Have trust in the company's reputation

When a dealership is connected with a vehicle manufacturer, the manufacturer knows that its reputation is on the line. Manufacturers make sure that their franchise dealers deal squarely with customers so that their reputations are not compromised.

On the other hand, an independent dealer's reputation is just that- the individual dealer's reputation. You're taking a risk when buying a vehicle from an unknown independent dealer. 

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