How To Repair Paint Chips On A Toyota

Most Toyota dealerships sell parts and supplies for used cars. If you are a Toyota owner, this is definitely the place to go to ensure you get factory certified parts. This is even true when it comes to touch-up paints. Many car dealerships sell generic touch-up paints. But the chances of finding the perfect match for your make and model are rare. Also, these paints are as high quality as the factory paints. This article is a basic guide to using factory replacement paints for fixing small rock chips on your Toyota.  

Preparing the Chipped Spot

When you buy the replacement paint, you should also pick up some auto sandpaper sponges. Try using a 1000-1500 grit sponge for this first round of sanding. This is super smooth paper that helps prep the surface before painting it. By slightly rubbing the sponge on the chip, you can create a surface with consistent smoothness. This will rough up the car paint so the new paint sticks better. By creating a consistent surface, the paint will absorb more evenly, leaving behind a consistent finish. It is very important that you use a wet rag to wipe down the area after sanding it. This will remove any fine dust from the surface. You don't want this getting caught under the new paint.

Painting the Chip

Some touch-up paint cans come with a small brush attached to the lid. These are very easy to work with as long as the chip is about the size of a penny or smaller. Spray paint is only better if you plan on painting larger areas (like a whole bumper). After painting a coat, you will need to sand down the surface with a finer grit sponge. For instance, a 2000 or higher should suffice. Light sand the painted area to help it blend in with the rest of the car. Repeat the sanding after applying a second coat of paint.

At this point, your chip will probably be completely hidden and you won't have to do anything else. However, there is a chance that your new paint won't have the exact sheen as the original paint. This difference is often minimal and is usually only noticeable on larger chips. Regardless, you can buff out your paint with a wool attachment for a power drill. Also, waxing your car usually helps minimize the different tones.  

For bigger chips you can't fix on your own, ask local Toyota dealers for recommendations on where to get body work done.

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