Two Ways To Outfit Your Jeep For Off-Roading And Camping Excursions

If you have a new Jeep, and want to have fun taking it off-road and on deep woods camping trips, then you are going to want to outfit it with some accessories. Even though a stock jeep is already equipped for some rugged terrain, there are some extra after-market parts that you should consider. After all, once you get off road you don't want to find that you need an accessory that you don't have.

Rooftop Lightbar

A rooftop lightbar is a row of lights that are bolted onto the roof of your jeep. They are made of circular halogen lights. From a distance they might look like you have installed 5 separate circular lights to the roof, but they are actually all connected to a single metal base. This base will be bolted onto the front of the roof, or in the case of a soft-top jeep, the front rollbar. The wiring will need to be channeled down the side of the car and connect with the electric system. This involves drilling into the frame, so it's something best left to professionals. You can buy the lightbar from an online source and then bring it to a body shop and have them install it.

The reason you want a lightbar on the roof is to help illuminate the road when you're driving at night. On backwoods roads, off-road areas, and in areas where you will drive when going camping there is going to be a lack of overhead roadlights. This means you will need extra light. Otherwise you risk driving into a ditch, or into a tree.

A Battery Operated Winch

You don't want to end up in ditch, but sometimes you can't avoid it if you're driving off-road. If it does happen and you don't have the proper equipment, then you might be stuck. Road service won't be easy to come by if you're deep in the woods. You can't simply call AAA and give them vague landmarks because they will need accurate coordinates in order to be able to find you. So you will need to get yourself out of the situation. In order to do this you will need a winch. This is attached to the front of your Jeep and has a retractable cable. This cable can be pulled out and secured around the trunk of a tree in front of the vehicle. Then the winch is activated, and it pulls your Jeep towards the tree and out of the ditch by retracting the cable.

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