Four Ways To Sell Your Car Fast

When you need to sell your car fast, you might be tempted to sell it for parts or sell it via classified ads in your local newspaper. Both of these approaches frequently cost you more time and money than they are worth. Instead, consider the other following approaches that will help you sell your car faster.

Auto Dealerships

Auto dealers are always looking to purchase used cars in decent condition. Doing so helps them establish a good rapport with the people whose cars the dealership purchases. It also increases their used car inventory, which is the biggest reason most people visit a dealership when they are looking for a good cheap car. You will have to wait for the dealership's mechanic to check the car over, and then the dealership will likely make you a deal based on your car's Kelly Blue Book value.

Pawn Shops

If the pawn shop takes vehicles, they might buy your car. Just be aware that a pawn broker will low-ball the fair value because he or she still has to turn a profit on the vehicle when reselling it. That said, do not be afraid to haggle on the last five hundred dollars in order to get a reasonable sale.

Cars for Cash Private Buyers

People regularly advertise "cars for cash" along the roadside. These are people who buy cars in any condition, fix them up, and resell them. If they are in decent enough condition, they may just resell them right away. You may never know what you are getting when you call a private buyer of this sort. While you may certainly sell the car fast and get cash, you may not get the amount you are entitled to, plus you may have to pay extra to help the buyer transfer the title (which is often part of the deal to sell your car quickly).

Sell It to an Automotive Education Program

High schools and technical/vocational colleges frequently offer automotive repair courses and degree programs. The one sticking problem in these courses is getting enough cars for the students to use in class. While it is not an advertised thing, schools may be willing to buy your car for a price that fits their budget and allows you to unload the vehicle quickly. Talk to the principals, deans and instructors/teachers to see if they are interested in buying a car.

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