Three Common Trailer Types

Sometimes the bed of a pickup truck, as handy as they are, just aren't big enough to do the job. When you have materials, supplies, and equipment you need to transport from place to place, a trailer is the answer. Here is a look at three different types of trailers available.

Flatbed Trailers

Flatbed trailers are popular because of their versatility. While professional semi haulers use flatbed trailers that range from 48-feet to 53-feet, and are 8 and one-half feet wide. They can also legally be loaded to a height of 8 and one-half feet. If you don't need to routinely haul a full truckload, smaller flatbed trailers are available.

Flatbed trailers, while usually steel, are also available in aluminum instead. This is convenient in two respects. First, a lighter weight aluminum trailer will potentially allow heavy-duty pickup trucks rather than semis to haul the trailer. Secondly, because an aluminum trailer is lighter, you may be able to haul more weight without having to worry about being overweight with the Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) at the weigh scale checkpoints.

Flatbed trailers are also easy to load and unload. Whether you are carrying equipment, supplies, or raw goods, like logs, no sides on the trailer means you won't be encumbered while loading and unloading. A system of straps and tarps will keep your load secure. No sides will allow a crane, a skid steer log grapple, or another piece of equipment to easily unload directly from the bed.

Step Deck Trailers

Step deck trailers, sometimes called a drop deck trailer, are very similar to flatbed trailers, but they are designed a little bit different. Wit a step deck trailer, where the trailer attaches to a semi's fifth wheel, the trailer bed then "steps" down, creating a flatbed trailer that sits lower. This allows an extra foot and one-half of "head" room, putting the height restriction at 10 feet rather that 8 and one-half feet.

Specialty Trailers

If you have a product that is hazardous, liquid, or a piece of equipment that is oddly shaped, a specialty custom cargo trailer may be your best option. Trailer manufacturers like H & H Trailers can work with you to design a trailer that will meet your hauling needs as well as meet the legal requirements of the D.O.T. Whatever kind of trailer you need, you can rest assured that when you work with a reputable trailer manufacturer, your cargo will be secure.

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