4 Things You Need To Know About Tarp Systems For Your Work Truck

Tarp systems are installed onto work trucks and trailers and provide you with a cover for the load that you are carrying around. If you have a tarp system or are thinking about getting a tarp system, you need to understand how they work and how to care for them.

#1 Electric or Manual

Tarp systems can be operated one of two ways. They can be operated manually, requiring you to pull out the tarp and then use a crank to pull it in. Or you can have an electric tarp installed. With an electric tarp, you can just press a button in order to open and close the tarp. An electric tarp can make it easier to cover up your load and takes away the physical demands of opening and closing your tarp system.

#2 Converting

If you purchase a manual tarp, you can change the way that the tarp operates in the future if you want to. You can use a conversion kit to change the tarp from a manual tarp to an electric tarp system. It is best to purchase the right type of tarp system to begin with, but if you change your mind down the road, you can always purchase a conversion system.

#3 Waterproof

If you are transporting material that you need to keep dry, you are going to want to purchase a tarp that is waterproof. Waterproof tarps are a must for some applications, such as transporting coal or agricultural crops. Waterproof tarps are not necessary for all jobs, such as transporting gravel. However, having a waterproof tarp is a good investment so that when you need to keep a load dry, you can do it.

#4 Custom-Fit

Tarps are generally made to custom fit your vehicle or truck. When you order a tarp, you are going to need to know the length and width of your trailer or truck. You also need to know what type of material you intend to transport with your vehicle. This information will help the tarp company guide you to the right type of material for the tarp cover and will help them create a tarp that will fit your specific vehicle set-up.

If you have any custom requests, be sure to make them known. As most tarps are custom made, they can honor requests for specific materials or even printing on your tarp. For example, you could have your business name screen printed on your tarp.

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