3 Luxury Features to Look for in Luxury Used Cars

Just because you need to purchase a used car doesn't mean you can't buy a nice car. Luxury vehicles that may be out of your price range if you purchased them brand new can be within your price range in the used car market. Cars lose a significant amount of value in the first five years after they drive off the car lot, which means you can score a relatively new luxury vehicle at a used car price.

When shopping around for a used luxury vehicle, you'll have access to some nice features. Before you start shopping around, figure out what type of luxury car features you care about most. This will help you focus your car search.

1. Car Seats with Full Ventilations

Car seats with heaters built into them have slowly seeped down from just being a feature offered in luxury vehicles to a feature that is offered in more standard vehicle models. However, if you want a seat that offers full ventilation and that offers both heating and cooling, you still have to turn to luxury models. If you live somewhere that gets warm throughout the summer, and hot seats are a problem, look for a vehicle that can cool off your seat as easily as it can heat it up.

2. Advanced Driving Safety Features

Next, the most advanced driving safety features are usually rolled out in luxury vehicles first. If you want to want a vehicle that has automatic parking and can help you parallel park, you are going to want to go for a luxury vehicle.

Other features to look for in recent used luxury vehicles include adaptive braking, where your vehicle will slow down your car if it notices a sudden change in the speed of the vehicles in front of you.

Another advanced driving safety feature you may want to add to your wish list is adaptive cruise control. Adaptive cruise control doesn't just keep your vehicle at the same speed; it responds to changes in the speed of vehicles around your car. If everyone around you slows down or speeds up, your car will too without your needing to disable or reset the cruise control.

3. Advanced Light Systems

Finally, one of the newest features that have been rolled out in luxury vehicles recently is adaptive light systems. Adaptive light systems rely on headlights that are not stationary; instead, the headlights move in order to more fully light up the road. This light feature is most often seen on display when navigating curvy roads.

As you search for a used luxury car, know what luxury features you want in the vehicle. This will help you find the right used luxury car for your needs. Visit a luxury car dealership today.

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