Everything Your Landscaping Or Construction Company Needs To Know About Buying Roll-Off Trailers

If your landscaping or construction company is considering the purchase of a roll-off dump trailer, then listed below is information to help inform your buying decision.

Know the Towing Capacity of Your Truck(s)

Before you go out and look at trailers, first, you need to determine the towing capacity of the truck(s) you plan to use to tow it. Buying the biggest and baddest trailer won't do you any good if you don't have a vehicle capable of towing it.

Roll-Off Dump Trailer Frame and Floor Strength Seriously Matter

When you think of a roll-off dump trailer in simple terms, it is a big box that can be loaded on and off of a trailer. However, roll-off trailers are also very helpful for moving around smaller pieces of heavy equipment such as tractors and bobcats and even spreading gravel like a traditional dump truck. 

Since you want to get the maximum use of your company's new trailer and will invariably want it to be as useful as possible, it's vital the trailer you buy has a very strong frame and floor strength. These things come from a trailer made of high-gauge steel and cross-member support that is robust. Trailers with cross-members located close to each other and decked with high-gauge steel won't deform and warp when heavy loads are loaded into them.

Opt for a Trailer with Both Barn Doors and a Spreader Gate

High-quality dump trailers will have multiple access "doors" to easily load and unload materials and equipment. To get the most out of your new trailer, you should choose one with both barn doors and a spreader gate. 

Barn doors are best for loading equipment because they prevent situations where the door is pinned by the load. In addition, barn door configurations are also excellent if you plan to use your dump trailer for taking items to the landfill or even to go out firewood cutting.

Spreader gates work well for dump truck activities such as spreading gravel, sand, or bulk landscaping materials

How a Roll-Off Dump Trailer Raises Up Really Matters

High-quality dump trailers of all types use scissor hoist mechanisms to raise and lower their container rather than two hydraulic cylinders. This is because scissor hoists are more stable and less prone to early failure than hydraulics.

Consider the Additional Equipment When Shopping for Roll-Off Trailers for Sale

Finally, in addition to all of the aspects of a high-quality roll-off dump trailer listed above, there is also some additional equipment some trailers come with that are very helpful. One such item is a set of ramps so you can easily load and unload equipment into the trailer bed for transport. Other important optional items include LED lights, conduit enclosed wiring, and high-quality couplers.

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