4 Reason To Make An SUV Your Next Vehicle

As you decide what type of vehicle you want for your next ride, you should seriously consider purchasing a sports utility vehicle (SUV). An SUV offers distinct advantages over other types of cars.

Advantage #1: More Seating

If you transport more than yourself in your vehicle, an SUV is a great choice. With an SUV, you will have enough room to comfortably transport five adult passengers and more than enough room for two adults and three kids. SUVs have lots of legroom and are not as cramped as many cars or smaller trucks with rear seats. 

 Many SUVs also come with a third row of seats, so if you regularly transport 7 or 8 people around, you will have all the space you need with an SUV. 

Advantage #2: Safe Transportation

If you want to feel safe when driving, an SUV can really help you out with that aspect. An SUV is a large and heavy vehicle, which means a car hitting the vehicle, for example, shouldn't crunch the vehicle. An SUV has taller seating, which can provide you with a better view of the road and can make you feel safer. 

Advantage #3: Lots of Cargo Space

SUVs are designed to provide you with lots of cargo space. The cargo space in an SUV is taller than it is in most cars; the height is equal to the vehicle's inside ride height. The depth may not be as deep as some cars. However, with most SUVs, you can easily fold down the rear row of seats to quickly expand the cargo area. In some SUVs, you can also remove the rear row of seats in order to enjoy more cargo space. 

Advantage #4: Off-Road Capabilities

An SUV is made not just for city driving, but for off-road driving as well. Most SUVs are going to be able to handle gravel or hard-packed road just fine. Many SUVs have all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive, giving you more power to get through tricky situations that you may encounter when enjoying a weekend out in nature, on roads that are not as polished as you would find in the city.  

If you are looking for a vehicle that has lots of seating with plenty of legroom while still providing adequate cargo space, an SUV could be the right choice for you. An SUV also has off-road capabilities and will allow you to sit higher off the road and enjoy a different perspective when driving.

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