6 Features You Want In A New Vehicle For Snow Driving

When you move somewhere where driving in the snow is a regular part of your winter routine, you want a specifically designed vehicle to handle that type of situation. That means purchasing a vehicle with features that will make driving in the snow and ice more comfortable and safer for you. 

Feature #1: High Ground Clearance 

When driving through the snow, you don't want a low rider. You want a vehicle that has adequate ground clearance, so it can easily move through the snowdrifts without slowing down or getting held up. Sports utility vehicles and trucks are both excellent options when looking for a vehicle with higher ground clearance. 

Feature #2: LED Headlights and Taillights 

When you are driving through the snow, you want to ensure the drivers around you can easily see and spot your vehicle. One way to do that is by driving a vehicle that is equipped with LED headlights and taillights. The light produced by an LED light is very crisp and bright and is easy to see, even when visibility is down, keeping you and the vehicles around you safe on the road.  

Feature #3: Heated Mirrors 

It is essential to see what is happening around you when you are driving in snowy conditions. With heated mirrors, any snow or ice that builds up on your exterior mirrors will be quickly cleared away, allowing you to fully utilize your side mirrors, even when the conditions outside are less than ideal.  

Feature #4: All-Wheel Drive 

Although you don't have to have an all-wheel drive to navigate safely in the snow, all-wheel drive can help provide you with additional traction that you need when navigating slippery roads. With all-wheel drive, all of your wheels will have the same amount of traction and grip, which will help pull you through the snow and save you from spinning out.  

Feature #5: Heated Seats and Steering Wheel 

Snow conditions mean that it is going to be cold outside, which is why having a vehicle with heated seats and a heated steering wheel is a nice amenity to have in your vehicle. A heated seat and steering wheel will help take the chill off when you get inside your vehicle, allowing you to drive in comfort.  

Feature #6: Remote Start 

Another nice comfort feature to have is remote start with advanced controls. With remote start with advanced controls, you can turn on your vehicle and the heat, so by the time you make the dash from your inside to your vehicle outside, your vehicle will be warm and ready for you. That way, you can avoid having to sit in your vehicle while it warms up.  

When you live in an area with snowy winters, you want a vehicle to handle that type of climate. You are going to want to look for a vehicle with high ground clearance, LED headlights and taillights, heated mirrors, all-wheel drive, heated seats, a heated steering wheel, as well as a remote start option.  

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