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Five Reasons Why Buying From A Franchise Dealership Is A Good Idea

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When you buy a car from a dealer you face an important decision between the two major types of dealer: a franchise dealership and an independent dealership. 

While a franchise dealer will sell only vehicles produced by one or in some cases a few manufacturers, an independent dealer is not affiliated with any manufacturer. 

The following are five big reasons why your best move when shopping for a vehicle is to buy from a franchise dealership:

Select from all the models available from your favorite manufacturer

If you have a favorite vehicle make and you know you don’t want to buy a vehicle from any other manufacturer, you should definitely buy from a franchise dealer. This way, you’ll not only be able to choose from any model offered by your favorite manufacturer, but you’ll also be able to purchase that vehicle in any color or with any options package you prefer. 

Speak with salesmen who are experts in the vehicles they’re selling

A salesman working at an independent dealership is not going to have detailed knowledge of any on vehicle make. On the other hand, a salesman working at a franchise dealership is likely to know the answer to specific questions regarding the different models offered by a particular manufacturer.

At franchise dealerships, you can expect specialized knowledge of your favorite vehicles on the market. 

Enjoy exceptional service

One of the biggest benefits of buying from a franchise dealer is the service advantages that are offered along with the purchase of a vehicle.

You’ll be able to take your vehicle back for service when you buy from a franchise dealer. Also, the mechanics working on your vehicle will have expertise in servicing vehicles from the specific manufacturer of your vehicle, so your vehicle will get the best possible maintenance service. 

Have the opportunity to buy new

If you’re looking for a new car dealer, you basically have no choice but to buy from a franchise dealer. Franchise dealers offer new vehicles straight from the manufacturer.

On the other hand, independent dealers typically can only get the vehicles they sell from vehicle owners looking to get rid of their cars. Therefore, independent dealers typically only sell used vehicles. 

Have trust in the company’s reputation

When a dealership is connected with a vehicle manufacturer, the manufacturer knows that its reputation is on the line. Manufacturers make sure that their franchise dealers deal squarely with customers so that their reputations are not compromised.

On the other hand, an independent dealer’s reputation is just that- the individual dealer’s reputation. You’re taking a risk when buying a vehicle from an unknown independent dealer. 

Questions To Ask Before Buying Your First RV

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Buying your first RV can be exciting. Whether you are purchasing it for summer vacations, weekend getaways, or for full- or part-time living, you need to be prepared with a solid list of wants and needs. Ask yourself the following questions before you begin shopping to increase your chances of choosing the perfect RV.

How do you plan to use the RV?

This is by far the most important. Decide up front how you mainly want to use the RV. Is it simply for weekend fishing trips to nearby destinations, or will you be using it to tour the country? Will it be a home base for city tours or a substitute for a vacation cabin in the woods? Knowing your primary use will help you answer the next question.

What type of RV will fit your needs?

RVs fall into three main categories – motorhome, trailer, or popup. Motorhomes are further divided into three classes – A, B, and C, with A being the fanciest and C the most basic. Opt for a motorhome if you are planning for long trips or a lot of time on the road. Class A motorhomes are a favorite for those that RV permanently or semi-permanently. A travel trailer is ideal for destination vacations, such as a week in the woods or camping near town since you can disconnect your car and use it to plan day trips from your home base. For simple weekend trips where you plan to be outdoors most of the time, a pop-up or small tear-drop trailer may be all you need.

Do you need transportation on site?

If you opt for a motorhome, you will need to consider your transportation options. For most people, this means hauling a car or motorcycles on a trailer behind the motorhome. This will add to the cost of your purchase, since you will need to get a car dolly that works with your model of car. If you aren’t sure if this is in the budget, it may be better to opt for a trailer instead – but only if you have a vehicle that can haul the trailer. A class C camper van is also an option since these are easier to drive around sight seeing than a full size class A model. You can always upgrade to a motorhome or a larger motorhome later.

Visit an RV dealer or go to an RV show in your area to see all the options available.

How To Choose Between Buying Or Leasing A New Car

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When you are looking to buy a new car, you might be deciding between buying or leasing a car. When you lease a car, you basically are renting the car from the dealership by paying monthly payments, then returning it at the end of the leasing contract. At that time, you decide if you want to buy the car and pay what you still owe on it, or if you want to lease another car. Here are some things to consider when deciding between leasing or buying a car.

You Get More Car For Your Money With Leasing

A benefit to leasing a new car is that you typically get more of a car with the amount of money you spend. This is because the required down payment and monthly payments are often lower. You are not putting money toward the final sale of the car, so the leasing payments are frequently lower than if you bought that car to own one day. If you want a new car with all of the advanced features, you might find that it is more affordable to lease instead of buy.

Buying Allows You to Build Equity

Unfortunately, when you lease a car, you aren’t building any equity on that car. It is often returned after the lease contract, so you aren’t paying toward a car. It is closer to renting a car where you are paying monthly payments just to use the car. However, if you want to build equity where you either have your own vehicle or a vehicle you can someday sell for money, buying the car is a better option.

Leasing Avoids the Necessity For an Extended Warranty

When you decide to lease a car, you usually return it and either buy or lease another car after a few years. It is often the period of time that a traditional manufacturer’s warranty would last. During this time, some repairs involved with the car are covered by the dealership. Since you are returning the car for another one, you don’t need to pay extra for an extended warranty. When you buy a new car, you might want more repairs covered, so this standard warranty may not be enough for you.

You Don’t Worry About Mileage or Wear With Buying

While there are some benefits in regards to the warranty, you might have to pay extra fees and penalties based on the mileage you drive or wear over time. The car you lease is not your car, so you need to be gentle with it. You could be paying big if you get wear and tear or do significant damage to the vehicle.

For more information, contact a business like Jack Burford Chevrolet.

Top 3 Reasons To Buy A Used Car From A Dealership

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Are you on a budget but need to replace your current vehicle? If so, you may have thought about searching through your local classified ads to see what local independent sellers are offering for sale. However, when shopping from an independent party, you are not going to obtain any sort of protection for your investment and this can be extremely risky, especially as you are buying a car that has already aged and has been driven thousands of miles. So even if you are on a budget, it may be best for your investment and for you, in the long run, to shop from a used automobile dealership because they can offer some great benefits with your purchase, such as the following:

Warranty Options:

One of the biggest ways that you will be able to protect your investment when buying a used car is to have some sort of warranty coverage with your purchase. Many used car dealerships offer warranty packages; some can even cover bumper-to-bumper damages, and this can potentially save you hundreds, even thousands, in potential car problems shortly after your purchase as your warranty provider will cover most, if not all, the expenses while your plan is valid. So if you want to be confident that you are not going to have any hidden expenses after the purchase of your used car, be sure to include a warranty plan with your purchase so you can avoid having to pay out-of-pocket for any defects that car may have.

Quality and Tested Used Vehicles:

Many used car dealerships have requirements for the cars that they sell, which means all of their vehicles must pass inspection before being listed for sale. That being said, you can expect the car that you buy to drive efficiently and properly as the dealership mechanic will perform inspections and repairs and install necessary replacement parts until the vehicle meets the requirements. This will make car buying easier as you won’t have to worry about potential damages shortly after buying the car.

History Details on Their Vehicles:

Another great reason to buy from a used car dealership is their ability to provide you with a thorough report of the car’s history. Having this information will let you know how many owners the car has had, if the car has been in any sort of accident, and if the car has a clean title. Having this information available before buying your car can definitely allow you to make the most informed decision when making your purchase, which can help protect your investment by being able to avoid a car that has been involved in multiple accidents or is prone to damages.

These perks won’t only make your shopping experience easier and safer but they can do a great job at making sure your investment is well spent so you can purchase a car that you can count on daily. So, before you rush to find a car from an independent seller, be sure that you take full advantage of the great services and perks that many used car dealerships have to offer their customers.